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Stefano Buttafoco is an Italian designer who creates and produces a large range of high fidelity products under the  CLINAMENAUDIO brand.

He uses custom versions of B12, LB8 and MA5 for final Calabi-Yau 3,  Calabi-Yau 2 and Karma speakers.

Austrian Gerald Hüpfel creates speakers with only consideration for the love of music. His products are highly appreciated in the Austrian and German area and far beyond.

Marimba speaker, using LB8, ranked 3 at the Golden Ear 2017 and was recommended by FairAudio and Audio magazine in 2016. Coming soon, new flagship, the horn Presto using EMS drivers.

Is a speaker designed by Dominique Mafrand, music connoisseur passionated by sound reproduction and owner of the Madotec company. Exposed in Paris Hi-Fi shows since 2013, where it causes a sensation at every listening, l’enceinte bleue (the blue speaker) was largely reviewed and announced by Six Moons, Enjoy the Music, Audio Lifestyle and Stereo Prestige & Image to name a few...

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Jacek Grodecki is a highly respected Polish designer, owner of the Closer Acoustics company. His passion for music reproduction started at the age of ten, it was in 1978...

With Jean Hiraga as guest (star), he presented, at 2016 LencoHeaven meeting, the Vigo, a model based on LB12. Other model Allegra uses LB8.

Hans Kortenback is gone on the 7th of January 2017. That’s all folks...

He was a personal friend and owner of high reputation Dutch company Musical Affairs.  In 2011 started our partnership with the creation of flagship Grand Crescendo Apassionata, a model of great succes in Europa and Corea.

Hans was able to push EMS drivers to their limits, and even beyond...

Patrick Crudo is the creator of MacVoice Audio, a Corsican company building hand made luxury speakers. Great review of MVA130 model in november 2016 Haute Fidélité magazine.

Patrick uses custom versions of LB5, LB6 and LB8. Exclusive partnership with EMS.

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Craig Johnstone, is retailer of EMS products in Australia. He also designs his own range of speakers, including now the White Stone using LB6EX with, as said, a very nice sounding, if not great...


Partnership has just began, he plans to make other models with LB8EX, B8 and MA5.

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