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Integrated amplifier Sarasvati, single-ended 2A3 triode.

Named as indian goddess of the arts,  


is an Italian handmade factory, inspired by the creativity and technical skills of the engineer Stefano Buttafoco.

Clinamenaudio bases its philosophy on the high sensitivity  transducer and vacuum tubes triodes class A amplifiers, 0 feedback.

Clinamenaudio follows the utopian goal of approximate as much as possible the natural sound: in this ambitious purpose, is used the best linear dispositive, like the triode, and the most simple, but not banal, circuits.

Clinamenaudio strongly believes that the right sound is prosecuted applying physic law without any trick of simplification (like the negative feedback) and using the best magnetic and passive components.

All the Clinamenaudio equipments are hand-(and heart)-made from Stefano Buttafoco, with great cure, passion and expertise.

Clinamenaudio is strongly oriented in the analogic world, it produces specials Moving Coil cartridge, pulley turntable, passive MC step up transformer, clamp and mat.


The payoff of the company is: The Natural way of the Sound. This is representative of the idea that drives the Clinamenaudio projects. Only in the Nature we can find the right sound.

All the loudspeakers build from Clinamenaudio are based on EMS products, the sensitivity is always better than 95 dB/W/m. In the midrange way is used a wave guide for the best matching from the loudspeaker and the air.


Two-way TQWT (Tapered Quarter Wave Pipe)

high sensitivity loudspeaker.

Best matching is with class A triode amplifier without feedback.

Sensitivity: 95 dB/W/m 

Recommended power: 5 20 watt RMS

Woofer full range EMS LB8 custom 8 inch.

The damping of the wave guide is made with two Helmholtz resonators, and not with sound absorber, for the best dynamic and sensitivity of the loudspeaker.

Birch Plywood Box.

Clinamen CL1 dipolar magnetostatic tweeter. The front diaphram is loaded with propetary wood wave guide. Tweeter sound pressure is external regulated with inductive mode (no LPAD no resistor) for the best dynamic and natural sound.

Woofer low pass filter is implemented with low slope electrical crossover plus a owner mechanical crossover.


high 1100mm (without tweeter). Width 276mm. Depth 390mm


Three-way high sensitivity loudspeaker with 12” inch woofer and 5” midrange loaded in an owner wave guide.

Class A triode amplifier without feedback, with 5 to 20 Watts RMS is recommended for the Calabi-Yau speaker system.

Real Sensitivity: 97 db/W/m

12 inch EMS B12 woofer with voice coil underhung voice coil, with high acceleration factor for best transients and time response.

Proprietary Clinamenaudio Box tuning system: is possible match the resonance frequency of the box moving the rear panel. The user can choose the best bass response for his personal tastes and rooms requirement.

Mid range implemented with EMS MA5 custom 5“ full range wave guide loaded with low frequency crossover point.

The horn is spring suspended from the woofer box: this eliminate any kind of trouble and vibrations in the high way speaker.

Wave guide is built in birch plywood and with golden section proportions.


Proprietary phase plug in the mid range for best high frequency response of the horn

Compression driver tweeter with AlNiCo magnet mechanical suspended from the woofer box.

Mid and high way is external regulated from the user with inductive system (no LPAD, no resistor) for the best room matching without loss of quality.


The range of the control is:  -2dB/-1dB/0/+1dB/+2dB for the midrange and for the tweeter.

Low crossover frequency from woofer and mid range, only 500 Hz, for natural sound.

Top quality crossover components:  ClinamenaudioJantzenClarity Cap.

For more informations about Clinamenaudio

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