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CHOOSING FULL-RANGE WITHOUT EXCLUDING THE OPTION OF CREATING AN EXCEPTIONAL OMNI-DIRECTIONAL LOUDSPEAKER HPMF II (High Precision Magnetic Field generation 2) CELLULOSE PAPER MEMBRANES MUSICALITY, YES. BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF RELIABILITY MUSICALITY FIRST, DESIGN AFTER CHOOSING AN ELECTROMAGNETIC MOTOR HPMF (High Precision Magnetic Field) Furthermore, technologies developed for electromagnetic motors have allowed us to reduce basic principles for conventional loudspeakers that, in turn, benefit from this improvement. The application of these technological principles was named as follows : All EMS loudspeakers use HPMF technology. Home        |    Contact       |    Services    |     Terms and Conditions   |    Map - Tree    |    Legal Mentions    |    Private Rights     |    Links Legal map tree Legal en_Services Terms And Conditions en-Contact Accueil ems_links

EMS designs, produces, and distributes high fidelity loudspeakers, including electromagnetic prototypes. Sticklers to the extreme, we are amongst several manufacturers to offer a series whose true performances and musical qualities are unanimously recognised.