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Catherine Fertin Michel Fertin
Accueil en_philo en_refences en_products en_retailers en_Services en-Contact ems_welcome Michel Fertin is a discreetly kept legend within France’s high fidelity community. In 2001, he decides he has earned a richly deserved retirement. But someone doesn’t seem to be of the same mind with his decision… Father and daughter rediscovered their initial enthusiasm. One’s nimble fingers and discerning eye complemented the other’s ever-effervescent brain. The pleasure of making musical objects helped foster the desire to invent many more… Catherine Fertin assemblant des LB12 et LB12EX In 2007, the duo gets to work on
Home        |    Contact       |    Services    |     Terms and Conditions   |    Map - Tree    |    Legal Mentions    |    Private Rights     |    Links Legal map tree Legal en_Services Terms And Conditions en-Contact Accueil ems_links Establishing Fertin Electro Acoustique, in partnership with Jacques Salette.  Michel Fertin creates a first professional high-performance and very powerful loudspeaker. The philosophy of the new company is to sacrifice nothing to the enterprise’s measure of craftsmanship, to maintain the level of reliability of its initial products, and to push further their criteria for excellence. Please click onto the brand's names to see their web sites Michel Fertin retires and the brand is sold to Jean-Marie Semblat, later becomes Fertin Acoustics with new owners: Marc Amiard and Sonia Seiler. Making of exceptional loudspeakers with regards to sound as well as specification, confirming 40 years of research and innovation. Catherine Fertin produces the